User Guide for NDFC Webmail

With webmail, you can access your ndfc email from any computer connected to the internet
This is very similar to popular email programs like Microsoft's hotmail
This user guide will explain how to login as well as how to use some of the advanced features
If you have any questions or problems, contact

To start, click on the "Email Login" link on the main page of the NDFC website



Enter your NDFC email address and password

(a new password was created on Feb. 13, 2006)


You have the choice of 3 different email programs.

It's entirely up to you which one you choose.
All your mail will show up in each program.
Each program has it's own features and look & feel.
You can try them all out and decide which works best for you.

    Advanced Features

Change your password.

hint: combinations of letters and numbers is more secure


You can automatically forward a copy of incoming emails to a different email account such as your work email address if it's okay with your boss


An autoresponder will automatically reply to people that send you email.

Whenever an email is received, the system will reply with whatever message you type in here.

This is really useful when you're on vacation and you can say something like:

" I'll be away on vacation until July 15, 2006. If your matter is urgent please contact so-and-so at"


    Setting up NEOMAIL for the first time
The first time you use NeoMail (one of your 3 choices) it will ask you for some information.  

Fill out the form as indicated.

These options can be changed at any time